June 16, 2011

Corinna Raznikov in Sylvia Weinstock’s book “Sensational Cakes”

I’ve been meaning to blog about this for AGES, but wasn’t sure how to show the pages of the book. I shot a wedding a while ago where the “Cake Goddess” Sylvia Weinstock did this amazing cake based on the bride’s Carolina Herrerra wedding gown. The wedding and the cake were featured in her latest book, “Sensational Cakes” by Sylvia Weinstock. Here’s a link to it on amazon


and here’s a link to Sylvia Weinstock’s website: http://www.sylviaweinstock.com/index_fl4.html

This is the cover of the book (which I did not shoot), and to the right is the cake that got featured. All the flowers are made of frosting!

The decorations on the cake were based on the sash of the dress. You can see here the closeups of the dress next to the cake. It really was amazing!

Here is the famous Sylvia Weinstock herself with her trademark glasses and a shot of the back of the book – the cake made it to the back too! Yay!

Thanks so much Sylvia Weinstock for making this happen!

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