March 27, 2013

Well Wed Editorial Shoot . Blue and Orange in a Hayfield

I had one more lovely piece of editorial photography in Well Wed this past season BESIDES my daughter debuting here (see blog post here at and of course the cover shot (yippee!) here (see blog post here at

I shot this lovely little girl in my favorite hay field in Rochester. I’ve really got to find out who owns this field! If anyone knows, please let me know! I would love to officially ask permission and give them some photos. I also did try and get my dog, Stella into this shoot, but she didn’t make the cut!

I really should post the outtakes from this shoot. They were a riot, but the blue and orange color scheme was so fun and unusual. WellWed does such a good job showing interesting color ideas.

and here is the shot on the right bigger so you can see it better!

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